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A year of our lives - Hatfield Main Colliery
After the war on drugs: Tools for the debate - Transform drug policy foundation
After the War on Drugs: Tools for the Debate' is the essential guide to making the case for drug pol..
Bakunin & Nechaev - Paul Avrich
Account of the paradoxical relationship between these two great Russian revolutionaries and an inter..
Eat like it matters: Food choice, nutrition and wellbeing in a capitalist food system - Isy Morgenmuffel
Full of information, but also encourages us to stop stressing and giving each other a hard time abou..
Freedom to roam - Harold Sculthorpe
Short, witty essays by a rambler on the problems encountered in walking in the countryside as the mi..
Hungary 56 - Andy Anderson
The Hungarian Revolution of October 1956, wrote its message in the blood of thousands of ordinary wo..
Israel / Palestine: How to end the war of 1948 - Tanya Reinhart
In Israel/Palestine, Reinhart traces the development of the Security Barrier and Israel's new doctri..
Milton and the modern media - Milton & Williams
John Milton's arguments for a free press and the threat to democracy from developments in the modern..
Pit sense vs the state - David Douglas
Poll tax rebellion - Danny Burns
Social defence social change - Brian Martin
Argues for social defense as a grassroots initiative linked to challenges to oppressive structures i..
Stefano Delle Chiaie - Stuart Christie
Exposure of a fascist terrorist responsible for many outrages. A superb piece of investigative resea..
Syndicalism - Tom Brown
Important book with some of Brown’s great essays and pamphlets including: ‘The British General Strik..
Terrorism: Theirs and Ours - Ahmad
In 1985, President Ronald Reagan received a group of bearded turban-wearing men who looked like they..
The employment question - Denis Pym
A collection of essays examining the disaster that employment has become - the example, par excellan..
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