2020 January Sale

2020 January Sale

Welcome to the Haven Distribution Bookstore 2020 sale. As a registered charity staffed only by volunteers we rely on donations in order to continue our work. Buying a book or merchandise from our online store means that you are directly contributing to our work. We have a large range of new and used books available through this site, and as all Haven staff are volunteers you can rest assured that any money you give goes straight to where it is needed most.

IMPORTANT: READ THIS NOW: It has come to our notice that some browsers list our site as 'not secure.' This relates to our SSL certificate (we are in discussions with our ISP about this as we speak) HOWEVER as we use PAYPAL for all transactions you can rest assured that any order you place is SECURE. Once you move through the checkout to the paypal system you will see that your browser will show the secure padlock. We aim to have this issue resolved very soon but in the meantime if you have any concerns before placing an order please email us at the email address below.

PLEASE NOTE: All item prices currently include FREE postage in the UK. If you are outside of the UK please contact us at: admin@havendistributionbookstore.org.uk.

If you'd like to know more about Haven Distribution and what we do you can find our main website here: www.havendistribution.org.uk.

All sale items are brand new and offered at a discount below our usual discounted prices (postpaid in the UK).

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Constituent Imagination: Militant investigations collective theorization - Steven Shukatis et al.
What is the relationship of radical theory to movements for social change? In a world where more and..
Dispatches against displacement - James Tracy
We are all too well adjusted.” says James Tracy, “to an economic system that evicts, downsizes, poll..
Eat like it matters: Food choice, nutrition and wellbeing in a capitalist food system - Isy Morgenmuffel
Full of information, but also encourages us to stop stressing and giving each other a hard time abou..
Eyes to the south - David Porter
Eyes to the South explores important issues from the last six tumultuous decades of Algerian history..
Hungary 56 - Andy Anderson
The Hungarian Revolution of October 1956, wrote its message in the blood of thousands of ordinary wo..
Igniting a revolution: Voices in defense of the earth
“Before his 1969 assassination, Chairman Fred Hampton of the Black Panther Party in Chicago famously..
Imperiled Life - Javier Sethness-Castro
Imperiled Life theorizes an exit from the potentially terminal consequences of capital-induced clima..
Israels vicious circle - Uri Avnery
Uri Avnery is one of the best-known peace activists in Israel and founder of the Gush Shalom peace m..
Long time passing: Mothers speak about war and terror - Susan Galleymore
Susan Galleymore is the mother of a US soldier who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the story..
Mountain justice - Shapiro
Mountaintop removal (MTR) does exactly what it says: A mountaintop is stripped of trees, blown to bi..
Presente!: Latin Immigrant Voices in the struggle for racial justice
Read the media coverage of the increasingly heated debate around immigration reform in the United St..
Territories in resistance - Raul Zibechi
Emancipation,” argues Raúl Zibechi, “is not an objective but a way of life.” For the last half centu..
The new Brazil - Raul Zibechi
Raul Zibechi’s book is a clear demonstration that it is possible to trace the pulse of forms of domi..
Unfinished business: The politics of class war - Class War
Unfinished Business remains that rare thing in the anarchist movement - a clear statement of poiliti..
Wasting Libby - Andrea Peacock
Wasting Libby chronicles decades of neglect by state and federal agencies, which allowed the Gr..
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