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A future for the land: Organic practice from a global perspective - Philip Conford
Against a background of mounting public concern over issues such as factory farming, water pollution..
A One-man manifesto - Herbert Read
From his declaration of anarchism in 1937 until his acceptance of a knighthood in 1953, Read contrib..
A scrap of paper: Advance Readers Copy - Isabel Hull
A century after the outbreak of the Great War, we have forgotten the central role that international..
A year of our lives - Hatfield Main Colliery
Abolition Now! Ten years of strategy and struggle against the prison industrial complex
Published in honour of Critical Resistance's tenth anniversary, this book presents bold strategies t..
Academic Repression: Reflections from the academic industrial complex
PLEASE NOTE: This book has some cosmetic damage caused in transit. It is therefore being offered at ..
Across Frontiers - Jonathan Saunders
After the war on drugs: Tools for the debate - Transform drug policy foundation
After the War on Drugs: Tools for the Debate' is the essential guide to making the case for drug pol..
Against Equality: Queer revolution not mere inclusion - Ryan Conrad (editor)
When "rights" go wrong.   Does gay marriage support the right-wing goal of linking acces..
All power to the imagination - Dave Douglass
In this book, Douglass provides a stirring defence of trade unions as "marking the pages of (a worke..
Americas deadliest export: Democracy - William Blum
For over sixty-five years, the United States war machine has been on automatic pilot. Since World Wa..
An alliance against babylon - John Cooley
The ruins of ancient Babylon still stand in Iraq. They are a reminder that today's conflict is only ..
Anthropologys World - Ulf Hannerz
In this masterly, state of the art work, Ulf Hannerz maps the contemporary social world of anthropol..
Arab Spring, Libyan Winter - Vijay Prashad
The Arab Spring captivated the planet. Mass action overthrew Tunisia's Ben Ali and Egypt's Hosni Mub..
Assassin! 200 years of British political murder - Hernon
Please note: There is some very slight cosmetic damage to this book and it is therefore being offere..
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